Managed Services – Retail

Managed Services – Retail

Costa Vida

A coastal inspired Mexican restaurant chain growing quickly across North America, Costa Vida has almost 100 locations across 15 states and Canada. After receiving a recommendation to consider INVITE for technology needs, Costa Vida engaged our team for engineering assistance. We’ve been working and growing together ever since.

With the rapid growth of restaurants, Costa Vida required an extensive technical team – quickly – to support current and new locations. To help manage the growth, standardization across all locations was an essential factor to ensure compliance to corporate technology policies and procedures. They also needed a plan to secure point-of-sale devices at each location as part of this initiative. As Costa Vida looked to procure technology, they wanted a comprehensive solution to equipment purchasing, internet circuits, and managed services support.

Costa Vida was working with a technology provider that wasn’t ready to take on the scope of their growth and associated IT needs. Based on a relationship and experience with INVITE, that provider made an introduction to our team and we began working with the Costa Vida team. We provide a single place to procure hardware, connectivity, and services. In addition to professional services, Costa Vida also contracted an evaluation of INVITE Managed Services at five restaurant locations. That evaluation proved successful and Costa Vida has moved corporate owned restaurants to INVITE Managed Services. They’ve also recommended our services to franchisees needing IT assistance and many now use INVITE Managed Services as well.

Since partnering with INVITE, Costa Vida can rest assured that over 130+ devices at corporate headquarters and corporate owned restaurants are current, compliant, and secure. INVITE has helped Costa Vida set an ideal standard for its networks that is used in all new implementations to simplify deployment to make openings smooth and simple. Using INVITE Managed Services, Costa Vida no longer needs to contact internet providers if their service goes down or worry about how to get someone out to replace networking equipment. We’re monitoring for these occurrences, responding on their behalf, and getting any issue resolved.