• Solutions


    Invite is an end-to-end, circuit-to-endpoint, no-nonsense, best-of-breed solutions provider. Real solutions. Not the mistakes that cost you half your budget, a weekend outage, and an unexpected forklift upgrade.

    You don’t mess around, and neither do we.

  • Awesome as a Service


    In the Wild West of Cloud Computing, don’t be fooled by those shady characters who eagerly promise Anything as a Service, but lack the experienced crack-shot riding shotgun on your business stagecoach. What you need is a partner with grit. A hero who always has your back, and won’t get flustered when the trail gets rough.

    The modern cloud era demands more than just Anything. It demands Awesome. INVITE Networks is Awesome as a Service.

  • Engineers, Engineers,


    Started by engineers, and run by engineers, INVITE understands: it’s about the engineers, baby. We aren’t a sweaty monkey-dance punctuated by endless chants about developers, but rather a calm, cool, collected group of professionals, intent on inspiring your C-level folks to chant the praises of corporate IT.

    Our best are here to make yours the best.


To INVITE Networks, everything below the circuit is Data Center. And it’s not just critical to your business, it is your business. Whether it’s the WAN routers and firewalls that move and protect your data, or the network core and distribution layer that gives connectivity to your compute and storage stack, or the virtualization solutions and apps that run on top of it all . . . it has to be secure, and it has to be redundant. Seamless failover is a must. Failure is not acceptable.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking Active-Active data centers, your cold DR site, or even the campus network . . . the Value Add that INVITE brings to the table can be summed up in one word: UPTIME.


Not unlike an insurance agency, as a Carrier Agent, we provide you with assurance . . . assurance that the circuits will be there, the configuration will be clean, and the voice services will be solid. Not to mention, redundant (actually, we will mention that).

MPLS, Direct Internet, VPLS, Fiber, Private Line, Metro Ethernet . . . with a hundred products available, these circuits are all different in how they are sourced, ordered, implemented, and managed. And dealing with the carrier directly is enough to make a grown-up person cry.

You think working with carriers is hard . . . have you ever considered deploying SIP in your environment? By yourself? Did the very thought of the project give you nightmares? Deploying CUBE or some other Session Border Controller in your data center, and then being certain that your voice services are distributed across multiple locations, on multiple providers . . . we completely understand . . . the protocol never should have been called SIP. It should have been called GULP, because the entire project is a whole lot to swallow.

You don’t need that kind of pain. Let INVITE Networks help.


Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud. A whole lot of clouds, and they could be anywhere and everywhere. Your anywhere could be a CoLo in Vegas, or St. George, or Timbuktu (no, really . . . we can help you find a Data Center in Timbuktu, Mali). Your everywhere might be AWS, Azure, or Google.

INVITE Networks can arrange them all, and help you to get the value you need out of your CASB, DRaaS, UCaaS, IaaS, SaaS, EaaS, and other aaSes that don’t yet exist. We’re pretty sure that is why they call it Cloud. All kidding aside, for those services that are real, INVITE Networks has the experience and skill to help you navigate the visible masses of condensed water vapors in such a way that it can bring real value to your business.

Managed Services

Your infrastructure is complex, and can be expensive for you to monitor and maintain. Did we mention that it’s complex? And you don’t really want to manage that by yourself, do you?

What if we told you that INVITE Networks could not only deploy your hardware to industry best practices, but after it was deployed, we could monitor the performance of your network, analyze alerts and errors, and then open tickets with your carrier when a circuit is down? Saves you time! Saves you money! Get access to the INVITE Networks Managed Services Portal!

That is how INVITE will ease your burdens that come from network management. Pretty cool, huh?

Our Partners

INVITE in the News

INVITE Grows Again

INVITE continues to strengthen its core engineering group with the addition of the best collaboration engineer in the western region (self appointed, of course).

Fuze Partnership

As one of the largest sales partners in the west, INVITE Networks has been selected as an Implementation Partner for Fuze.

INVITE is Expanding

INVITE kicks off 2017 with several new hires to enhance its position as a premier Carrier Agent, and round out engineering with a Data Center Practice.