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INVITE’s Approach to Managed IT

Implementing technology is complex. Maintaining it can be even more challenging, and your business is becoming more dependent on it everyday. That’s where INVITE comes in. Our IT services guide, manage, and enable your network through it’s complete lifecycle. As your strategic partner, we work with you to determine what technologies will enable your business objectives. Once identified, together we implement them using the expertise we have gained from helping others on similar paths.

Reduce Your IT Burden

Outages and network issues slow productivity, create confusion, and lead to loss of revenue. INVITE’s Managed IT Service can holistically manage your entire network. Our goal is to reduce your IT burden so your team can focus on business objectives. We ensure your network is secure and reliable so you can leave work and worries behind.

Focus On Your Business

As your business grows, the technology you use can become cumbersome and inefficient. With our proven deployment methodologies and standardization, we automate and simplify the experience for technology consumers so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Our Managed Services

Managed Services


A solid network is the foundation of all IT functions. INVITE starts at the beginning with a design that is proven to be secure, scalable, and reliable. This enables us to work with your business to enable advanced functionality instead of reacting to issues. We turn your network into an essential asset to be leverage instead of a liability to be mitigated.

What does a solid network look like? It used to be that connectivity was enough. Now, it’s not only that users can connect, but that every application is accessed securely and performs optimally. Even the smallest issue can impact the user experience. Our suite of network tools provide visibility into the user experience to ensure peak efficiency of your network.

The old mindset was that security and usability were fundamentally at odds, an increase in one meant a decrease in the other. While there is a sliver of truth to that mindset, INVITE provides many ways to maintain usability while ensuring a high level of security. INVITE’s focus on security allows you to check all the boxes for any audit, assessment, or validation requirements.

Managed Services


Is your network receiving the right amount of oversight? One security breach can wipe out valuable data, resulting in massive consequences. With the growing remote and hybrid workforce, threats are becoming more frequent and damaging to your business. Now more than ever businesses are turning to strategic partners to help them fill the gaps where IT teams are increasingly stretched thin. Our cybersecurity team looks holistically at your network, uncovering attack vectors, providing recommendations and implementing remediations that suit your business.

There are a growing number of devices that require network access. Business are finding it difficult to know who is using them, what they are, and why they’re being used. INVITE solves this by providing identification and visibility into network connected devices. This allows you to group your devices and apply holistic security policies.

Threats come from every angle, most often the largest vulnerabilities are from your own users. Traditional network designs defaulted to the “moat and drawbridge” approach – once you were inside the walls of the castle you had access to everything. INVITE’s philosophy is to secure the network with an approach that classifies devices, identities, applications, and resources with strong authentication methods that remove implicit trust. Attempts to exploit vulnerabilities will still occur, but with ZTA you will have better visibility and prevent lateral propagation of threat actors.

Managed Services


Cloud connectivity options (including public internet, VPNs, private peering, and SD-WAN) enable business functions in unique ways. They not only improve accessibility for employees and affordably scale with your business, but also bring unique complexity and security challenges. Whether your business needs assistance managing your existing cloud environment, or is looking for expertise to transition to the cloud, INVITE can help. We securely implement and maintain your connectivity so your information is protected and working efficiently 24/7.

What does a solid network look like? It used to be that connectivity was enough. Now, it’s not only that users can connect, but that every application is accessed securely and performs optimally. Even the smallest issue can impact the user experience. Our suite of network tools provide the ability to identify issues in an environment where many of the underlying details are hidden from view.

While many service providers approach managed solutions from a “we own the whole solution” perspective, INVITE works with you to determine the solution that best fits your business needs. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We provide expertise and best practices and will train, assist, and collaborate with your team. We also monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues on behalf of your team.

Managed Services


In today’s dynamic work environment, work from home and hybrid work are often the norm rather than the exception. These varied environments require a new approach to enable and secure your business assets. The measures previously used to protect at the organizational level are now being re-worked to operate at the individual user, device, and account level. If your business needs assistance managing your endpoint infrastructure, INVITE can help. We securely implement and maintain your endpoints, so your assets are protected and working efficiently 24/7.

The best way to ensure that your data Is fully protected is through comprehensive security solutions with managed endpoint detection and response. Our IT experts and cutting-edge technology look after your assets, blocking any potential threats and implementing solutions that lower your security risk.

Defense In Depth is a practice that involves implementing multiple layers to protect valuable assets. When one measure fails, and no defense is perfect, another steps up to thwart the attack. INVITE continuously evaluates the threats that present the biggest risk to your business and protects against the greatest threats in multiple ways. Each added layer makes it less likely that an issue will result in the loss of critical assets. Our goal is to protect your business assets such that the effort required to compromise them is far greater than any potential reward.

Managed Services

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft provides comprehensive solutions to businesses that offer improved productivity applicable to all areas of your business. However, most of the features and functionality are left either untouched or ineffectively utilized. If your business wants a partner that will help you to fully utilize the investment you are already making, INVITE can help. We have experience managing all of the most common Microsoft offerings and some of the uncommon ones as well.

When the time comes to implement the latest in security updates and functionality improvements, we become the Subject Matter Expert on your team to guide you through the installation and education so everyone knows how to use the latest technology effectively.

Finding the right solution set for your business can be overwhelming. INVITE has a team of Office 365 experts who understand licensing, features and functionality to save you the time and energy of solution evaluation. Let us handle the process of finding the right solutions for your needs, then provide ongoing support whenever needed.

Implementing the security solutions provided by Microsoft can seem daunting. We work with you to evaluate your current security posture, put together a plan to train you and your employees, and implement the security solutions in such a way that usability is minimally impacted. “Doing the basics” is no longer sufficient to keep you and your digital assets secure. INVITE is here to move beyond the minimum and help you keep your business secure and operational.

Managed Services Process

See the steps we take to modernize and manage your information technology.


Client consultation and discovery

First, we get to know you and the needs of your business needs. At INVITE, we build relationships with our customers so we can provide insightful recommendations and solutions.


Service selection and implementation

With the right solution identified, together we make a plan to implement any new technology. If you already have the right technology in place, we can jump right into managing it.


Continuous IT management

With managed IT services, we are right by your side to make sure your technology is available, secure, and up to date. If an issue occurs, we quickly take care of it – before you notice there’s something going on.


Ongoing solution optimization

IT is constantly evolving and INVITE is always on top of the latest technology trends. We tackle the research and identify areas that can be optimized for your business.


Education and support

We are passionate about helping our customers succeed and will assist your team with training or process changes as a result of using managed services.

Have Questions About INVITE Managed IT?

Many businesses find that scaling IT departments to meet modern needs quickly becomes expensive. Finding the right resources, while not leaving your business vulnerable to security breeches, can take more time than you have. With managed IT, these services are completely taken care of at a fixed price. A team of experts is ready to help 24/7, reducing the need for resources and management that can result in tremendous cost savings.

Troubleshooting and resolving technology issues take up a massive amount of time. Managed services proactively monitor and help eliminate IT crises that otherwise interrupt your workflow. Allowing a partner to be part of your team through managed services empowers your resources to focus on their important initiatives.

When you partner with INVITE, we take the time to understand your requirements and desired business outcomes. We want to know what slows down your team, causes you frustration, or costs you money. With that knowledge, we deliver custom recommendations that are unique to your business.

Let’s achieve your business goals. How can we help?

Let’s discuss the IT needs of your business and find real solutions. The INVITE Networks team is ready to optimize your technology and provide ongoing support so your company can thrive. Contact us today to get started and learn how we can drive success.

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