What keeps you up at night? What was the root cause of missing the last birthday party, or weekend ski trip? Was your family angry that you were late picking up dinner?

INVITE Networks provides the highest TQOL and ROA in the industry, surpassing all other VARs and Carrier Agents in the ability to avoid the use of marketing duck-speak in our proposals. Duck-speak? You know, the words always used to make it sound like our solutions will save this or that, or help you to better manage the efficiencies of a highly available who-knows-what.

ROA. We’re not talking about Return On Assets. We are talking about Receipt Of Appreciation. From your manager, because the systems stayed up, and data wasn’t lost, and customers continued to access the applications with no clue that something wasn’t quite right in the data center.

INVITE Networks is the king of providing TQOL – Total Quality Of Life. Do we believe in managing cost, tightening security, and maximizing performance? You betcha. But our solutions to your IT woes do more than just make your bean counters rub their hands together in glee. They are highly redundant, simple to manage, and best of breed, implemented by the most talented engineers in the industry. They are rock solid.

Our engineers will make you the hero. You won’t miss that next birthday party, because you will be basking in ROA – you will Reek Of Awesomeness.

This is INVITE Networks. It’s what we do.