Managed Services

Managed Services

AvTech Financial

AvTech Financial provides financial solutions across multiple industries. Their subsidiary companies specialize in auto financing, industrial equipment financing, and commercial real estate lending. Avid recognized INVITE’s experience and ability to configure secure networks with redundancy to ensure uninterrupted productivity and began conversations.

With three companies in the same headquarters, AvTech needed the flexibility of using the same resources for each group, with networking that allowed them to share certain information across organizations. However, while having a working network is important, each company also required the ability to work independently and privately.

Having a complex network requires engineers that can quickly become familiar with the environment and are skilled in cybersecurity. When AvTech had initial conversations with INVITE, their leadership was looking for assistance in identifying the cause of ongoing network outages affecting their phone system. With AvTech having a large call center, it costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars every minute their phone system goes down. AvTech had encountered issues with other managed service providers and was increasingly frustrated that the current provider was struggling to resolve this ongoing issue. INVITE engineers jumped in and were able to identify and resolve the issue quickly.

Given our ability to resolve their network outages that affected the lifeline of their business, AvTech started giving more network projects to INVITE. AvTech needed a partner who could quickly respond to any problem and proactively manage their devices to keep them up to date. With continued success and proof of dedication to their company, AvTech selected INVITE as their managed service provider.

Since partnering with INVITE in 2020, we have overhauled AvTech’s network policies resulting in optimized performance and operation that follows industry best practices. AvTech has also felt assured that their equipment has been kept up to date, protecting them from numerous security risks. Through vulnerability assessments and auditing, we have helped AvTech create a redundant network, boasting a 99.9% uptime. With our 24x7x365 support team, Avid knows they’ll get a quick response to any request and immediate help with any problem. INVITE has helped turn AvTech into an MSP believer.