Big Data – Little Data: Don’t Let Your Data Manage You!

Big Data – Little Data: Don’t Let Your Data Manage You!

Effectively and efficiently managing data properly is crucial in any market, whether you’re running a startup or launching an international restaurant chain. Understanding the significant role Big Data plays in our world today, especially when it comes to protecting, securing, and encrypting data you’re in charge of or collecting from customers and clients. At INVITE Networks, we provide a comprehensive data center solution for our clients that is individualized to meet specific needs based on industry and demand.

The Challenges of Big Data

As data increasingly becomes more of a commodity around the globe, new challenges have arisen to ensure security, encryption, and privacy for those sharing information with various agencies and third parties each day. At INVITE, we can determine which data center solutions and setups are best for the future of your business. As vast amounts of data are collected to observe and better understand consumer data, it’s imperative to note potential issues that may occur at some point in the future as a society, such as: 

  • Scalability Slowdowns: Without the proper foundational infrastructure in place for your website, online presence, and servers, you may find it much more challenging to address scalability issues or plans.
  • Security Risks: One of the fastest growing risks among those who manage Big Data and traditional data includes increased cybersecurity risks and cyberattacks. With the growing number of phishing scams, identity theft reports, and online data breaches, security is becoming increasingly vital for anyone interested in developing a website or online presence in any capacity, regardless of industry. 
  • Separate or Distanced Data Silos: Using multiple data sources or silos can also hinder potential and efficiency. Without a proper system in place, collaboration is more likely to suffer, resulting in increased vulnerabilities and slower or weaker systems. 

Finding the Right Solution for Handling Big and Little Data

Whether you want to ensure your eCommerce store is safe, secure, and encrypted, or if you’re responsible for managing thousands of transactions an hour, you’ll need the right solution for handling the data you send and receive. At INVITE, we will work with you to find an ideal data center solution that suits your needs and online demands. From traditional IT security solutions to managed IT services, INVITE can streamline the process of managing your data and online presence with ease. Some of the benefits of turning to a provider such as Invite Networks for your data center solutions include: 

  • Improved Scalability: Whenever you’re ready to take your business to the next level with more servers or a bigger cloud storage solution, INVITE can help without hiccups or delays.
  • Infrastructure: At INVITE, we start with the foundational infrastructure of any business to ensure security, availability, and ultimately, reliability. 
  • Analytics: Ongoing monitoring and real-time analytics can help protect any system or online presence from attacks and potential vulnerabilities. 

If you’re thinking of starting a new business or are ready to start your transition to the cloud with a data center solution of your own, INVITE can help. Our experts are not just experienced but will also work with you to create an individualized solution that is just what your business or venture needs to thrive. Contact us today to learn more.