Global UCaaS Deployment

Global UCaaS Deployment

A large non-profit institution with thousands of employees and facilities worldwide needed to migrate from disparate and aging PBX systems to a new cloud voice system. Their relationship with the INVITE team and our established knowledge of their requirements gave them the confidence to choose us as their partner.

A unique organization with a unique set of challenges meant this was not a straight forward rip-and-replace project. With facilities ranging in size from one volunteer to an office full of employees, finding the right solution and implementation plan was challenging. Requirements such as global local number availability, centralized deployment, management, and billing were essential in any proposed solution. Being a non-profit, minimal operating costs were a primary requirement and an important factor in the decision process.

Vetted through the organization’s RFP process, INVITE was selected as the strategic partner to help deploy, manage, and support the migration and ongoing operations of a new cloud voice solution that would be available to over 3,000 locations. Due to the large number of sites and non-technical nature of end-users, our customer lacked the resources to support this undertaking on their own. Together we completed a solution evaluation of three leading UCaaS providers. Ring Central was chosen as the preferred cloud solution based on their availability to provide a full-featured global solution at a reasonable cost.

Our goal was to make any transition as easy as possible and minimize any customer involvement due to their resource constraints. We provide a custom portal to allow end-users to order needed hardware and cloud voice service for migrations or new service. Our implementation team configures service for each location and gives white-glove service to customize features and ensure the solution meets their needs. We continue beyond go live by providing managed services for ongoing moves, adds, changes, or other support issues.

Since we partnered together in 2020, our customer has seen over 750 locations and 3,300 users migrated to Ring Central. We’ve ported over 2,000 local numbers allowing a seamless transition of service for end-users. Our implementation and managed service teams continue to support the entire solution lifecycle to minimize any impact to end-users or customer resources. Through regular project and strategy meetings, INVITE continues to support the effort to increase the availability of cloud voice throughout our customer’s organization.