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Our Philosophy

Our business model is simple – do it all and do it well. With our unique approach and expertise that blends the typical silos of VARs, agents, and service providers we set ourselves apart in the industry. Using our portfolio of products, solutions and processes we help you achieve business objectives as a trusted partner. Together we will develop the most creative, innovative, and strategic solutions to help you bridge the technology gap.

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Solutions to Drive Your Business Forward

IT Products


From small businesses to global enterprises, INVITE can help you think differently about what you’re doing with your network – and why. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers know the pains of network problems, and sleepless nights. That experience helps us take a wholistic approach to providing your business with unique offerings that simplify complexity and increase your team’s productivity, and sleep.

Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Services
IT Products

Cloud Solutions

Cloud has become a household name, cloud first everything else second. Without a strategy for cloud, this quickly becomes expensive and difficult to support. Your business requires a wholistic technology approach in order to be successful. INVITE’s expertise in cloud solutions enable your business to strategically consume cloud services to meet your objectives.

Cloud Solutions Cloud Solutions
IT Products


Safeguarding your company’s proprietary information, private communications, organizational assets, and customer data must be a high priority. With our managed detection and response partnerships, that process becomes a lot easier. Our solutions empower businesses to collect data on security threats and proactively identify potential breaches before they occur. All this is done while reducing the cost of your cybersecurity strategy through our industry leading partnerships.

Cybersecurity Services Cybersecurity Services
IT Products


With the adaptation of a work anywhere lifestyle, your business needs a communication solution that brings everyone together – everywhere. INVITE helps you achieve your collaboration strategy using industry leading Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) providers that reduce costs and improve productivity.

Collaboration Services Collaboration Services
IT Products


Your business needs to be connected with fast, reliable services that enable your workforce and are optimized for your customers. INVITE’s dedicated connectivity team specializes in delivering the best service at the best price to keep your business running smooth. Let our team become part of your business strategy and give you a fresh look when it comes to next-gen connectivity.

Connectivity Services Connectivity Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses

Enterprise Services

Businesses with a large retail footprint, or branch operations, often face challenges scaling the network to each location. Through years of experiences and thousands of locations implemented, INVITE has the experience and expertise to perform a smooth deployment in a consistent, cost-effective manner with as little disruption to the customer as possible.

Does your business have an upcoming project that requires specific expertise? Do you lack the time or resources to dedicate to the effort? That’s where INVITE comes in. Our experienced team of engineers is available to help you achieve your business objectives. From basic consulting to a full design and implementation, we can do it all.

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IT Products

Financial Solutions

Your business typically needs to engage two types of companies to procure IT services. First, a VAR (Value Added Reseller) that aligns to CAPEX by earning revenue through the purchase of hardware/software, marking it up, and reselling to you. Second, an Agent/Broker that aligns to OPEX and realizes revenue by being paid a commission directly from IT service providers that the agent has referred business to.

INVITE is unique. We are a world class IT VAR and Agent blended together working cohesively as one. Because of our unique expertise in both IT CAPEX and OPEX models we can use revenue from the Agent side to apply discounts to equipment/services on the VAR side. Our encompassing business model is what makes CO-OPEX possible.

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How can the CO-OPEX program help you save on your IT spending?

The more you assign your IT Operational Expenses (OPEX) to the CO-OPEX Program,
the more we can drive down your IT Capital Expenses (CAPEX).




*Monthly Recurring Cost



$100,000** Same as above
$1,000,000** 20% lower

*OPEX Fully assigned to CO-OPEX progam

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